Australian by birth (and at heart), Merran has spent most of her adult life in Europe and now lives in Argentina. She graduated from the Constructive Teaching Centre in London, under the direction of Walter and Dilys Carrington, in the spring of 1994, having completed part of her training with Joan and Alex Murray in Illinois, USA, and Arie Jan Hoorweg in Amsterdam, Holland. In 1996 Merran moved back to the Netherlands, where she was based for 10 years teaching privately, at the music conservatorium in Utrecht, at the Dutch String Quartet Academy, working with women in pregnancy and childbirth and assisting Arie Jan Hoorweg on his teacher training course (ATON).

In 2006 she moved to Buenos Aires to open a teacher training course (ETABA).

Merran has had a long standing interest in the teachings of J Krishnamurti and maintains a relationship with different Krishnamurti centres including the Centre for Learning in Bangalore India where she has been teaching the Alexander Technique.

In recent years she has also been learning 'Non Violent Communication'.

Merran is also a member of ATE (Alexander Technique Education) which values the Alexander Technique as an educational approach and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of Alexander Training.

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